The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer in a Civil Case

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  2. January 15, 2013 12:58 am

The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer in a Civil Case

Why Lawyers are a Must in Civil Cases

When most people think of needing a lawyer, they think of the remote possibility that they might be charged with a crime. More often, though, people will be faced with the need for an attorney when they have a civil court need. Lawyers are a must in civil cases for any person who wants to walk away with a good result. Whether you have a divorce on tap, a personal injury claim, some contract dispute, or any other civil matter, having a good lawyer can be the difference in walking away with a positive result or a negative one.

Advanced Knowledge of the Area of Law
Going into a civil case without a good attorney is asking for trouble. Most civil cases implicate highly specific areas of the law. For instance, divorce law can be very complicated, and even experienced attorneys sometimes have trouble navigating the changes. Likewise, personal injury law requires one to have significant experience both in trial advocacy and in negotiating with insurance companies. A good lawyer will have worked in that area of law before, and he or she will be able to use that expertise to give you the best chance.

Understanding the Litigation Process
Civil matters sometimes go to trial. More often, though, they end with some kind of settlement. In order to know whether a settlement is a good or bad thing for you, you will need some understanding of the value of your claim. Without having been to court before, it can be very difficult for you to appropriately place your claim in proper context. Good lawyers will be able to draw on experience to advise you on how much you can expect to win in court. With that in mind, you can effectively evaluate whether a settlement offer is good enough.

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